Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to optimise muscle, tendon, ligament and joint health in order to prevent sport injuries or promote healing after suffering an injury. It is commonly used before or after sporting events or during training.

Duration: 1 hour Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £35 Price: £28

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Massage itself isn’t only for injured people, it can also offer many benefits to uninjured people who are aiming to improve their overall sport performances. The goals of massage is to aid recuperation from training, from personal injury as well as to warm-up and relax just before exercising or competition. The primary reason for sports massage therapy is usually to support the reduction of tension and stress which accumulates in the body’s soft tissues when training. Most importantly, it will also help reduce those little incidents that usually get in the way of overall performance and success, no matter whether you are a sports person, hardcore keep-fitter, weekly jogger, manual labourer or desk worker. 

+ Improved relaxation of the soft tissue
+ Minimal muscle tension
+ Higher range of movement and flexibility
+ Scar tissue improvement
+ Better recovery by increasing blood circulation to the affected area

Temporary Soreness

There are many horror stories preceding sports massage, the main worry being 'does massage hurt?'. The treatment may cause some discomfort, however there should be no pain, and any discomfort should get easier. One possible side effect of massage therapy is temporary muscle soreness and discomfort. Always check with a health care provider first about any precautions that need to be taken based on personal medical history. During the massage, tell the therapist if the pressure is too deep or uncomfortable, the patient is always in control of treatment. Honestly report any injuries that may require the therapist to go lighter or even avoid certain areas. Soreness that occurs a day or two after the massage should be discussed with the therapist after treatment soreness should last no longer than 3 days.

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