During your first visit, your therapist will review your medical history a subjective assessment. Then, they will take you through an observation and movement assessment. The therapist will then explain any issues they may observe and explain what treatment is best suited to help with your pain or injury. 


What should I wear to my appointment?

  1. Comfortable nonrestrictive shorts - if area of pain or injury is lower limb.

  2. Normal bra for ladies - if the area of pain or injury is upper body.

  3. If you are a runner - bring along your running trainers to assess any gait abnormalities.

Please note: Person’s under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults will need to be chaperoned by a parent or guardian to their sessions.

Missed appointments/cancellations...

Whilst we do not currently have a cancellation policy - due to only having 3 missed appointments since we have been up and running - please may you give 24 hours notice in advance if you are not going to make the session or if you need to change it. The sessions every week are going very quickly as we are getting busier and unfortunately other patients who could value having that session are missing out.