Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is very similar to human skin in both thickness and elasticity therefore allowing it to be worn without constricting, binding or restricting movements. Kinesiology tape is used for a variety of conditions such as athletic injuries, joint swelling and postural correction.  

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: £10

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Kinesiology tape has a number of benefits including improved recovery rate for soft tissue injuries such as joint swelling muscle strains and haematomas and reduced risk of injury. Professional athletes use K-tape to improve their sporting performances, prevent injury and return to sport quicker. K-tape can also be kept on for up to a week and these benefits are available to the targeted area for 24 hours a day


K-tape can be used to treat

  • Muscle strains, ligament sprains
  • Joint swelling, bruising and haematomas
  • Muscle weakness - tape works to facilitate the muscle
  • Joint allignment and maltracking
  • Poor posture 

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